Grace Gospel Service JBLM

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In 1973 the foundation of Grace Chapel was laid. In a small church known as Division Chapel currently (Evergreen Chapel), it began to fill the needs of Fort Lewis and the surrounding community under the guidance of CH Roy Plummer.

Upon the arrival of CH Robert Cox in 1976, the family had grown to more than 400 strong. After experiencing overcrowding and building decay for some time, the soldiers of the 864th Engineer Battalion were called in to expand and renovate the Chapel. During the renovation period, services were held at Chapel #15 and Freedom Hall on Fort Lewis. On April 15, 1979, the Chapel doors were reopened with a non-denominational Easter Service. It was at this time the Chapel became known as “Grace Chapel #9”

Throughout the years, Grace Chapel #9 has been a support to the military community as well as the outside community.

Grace Chapel #9 was relocated to Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel in October 1997. Its name became Grace Gospel Service. Grace is the place to help Christians become more and more like Christ. This will not be complete until we see Christ face.

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